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Cuestion de Ingenio develops engineering and consulting projects, on energy, infrastructure and environment.We want this site to be a platform so that you can know us, offer you our services and establish a way of communication with you.

Vision &

ico Values & CSR

Compromise, honesty, professionalism and confidence are our main values. We think those are both the basis of any long term professional relation and a key catalyzing effect in value generation.

We approach our corporate activity responsibly and committed, those are basic pillars of our corporate ethics.

We understand the social responsibility of our corporation (CSR) as our commitment to reduce the external negative effects our activity may cause, as well as make an effort to offer our clients innovative services and means to lessen the social and environmental problems.

Keep reading to know further details on our corporate social responsibility policy.

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As a company, we are responsible to promote the sustainable development:

In abstract terms... working in projects that we consider positive for present and future society. We are enthusiastic about thinking that current society has the responsibility to develop a better world, that´s why we try to collaborate with those countries which are searching for that future development.

In concrete terms... through responsible gestures such as using recycled paper in all of our work, reduction of electric energy consumption at our office, using renewable consumption data services, etc.

We work on the education and diffusion on sustainable development and also collaborate with child support organizations (SOS Children's Villages International, Fundacam...)

(if you want to know further about our corporate social responsibility policy, visit our CSR projects)

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ico Mission, vision & objectives

Our mission is to get our clients´ maximum satisfaction, for that, we provide to our experience with a big amount of ingenuity.

We set ourselves feasible goals, not little ambitious though. We want to consolidate our position in present sectors such as energy saving and renewable energy projects.

Our sphere of action is global and we work to widen our presence in those countries where we develop our activity.

We consider it´s our responsibility as engineers to make an effort to provide daily issues with ingenious solutions.

ico The company

Cuestion de Ingenio (A Question of Ingenuity) sprang up back in 2010, after the association of several professionals with the common idea to focus talent in their clients´ service. No matter what the challenge is, the success of the projects is always a Question of Ingenuity.

We render engineering and consulting services in the widest sense. With a solid professional team, we support and collaborate with our clients to get the best result.

We are enthusiasts of challenges and we want to be accomplices of your success!!